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Infused Butter Oat Milk Chocolate Pudding

If you have a nostalgic craving for a dessert-like chocolate pudding, you might consider taking it to the next level with a medicated botanical infusion. 

Whether your pudding is infused or not, the recipe itself does not vary that much. However, if you’ve had experience with making homemade infused edibles, you know it’s as much about the baking as it is about the infusion.

The Benefits of Medicated Botanical Infusions

Maybe you’re hurting from a hard workout. You have several ways to help your ailments with a little infused butter. For example, the terpenes will help with inflammation in your body, and the other flower botanicals in the butter can help to relieve muscle pain. 

Wouldn’t all these advantages be great in the form of chocolate pudding? We think so too. 

Making your infused oat milk chocolate pudding can sometimes cause a mess in your kitchen if you choose to decarb and infuse your own butter. There’s a lot going on there, while at the same time, you run the risk of burning your flower botanicals in the oven.

That’s one of the best things about using a LĒVO II infusion machine- it’s all self-contained and so easy to control. Meaning- not only can you decarb your botanicals (if necessary) within the machine, but once you’re done, you simply add your carrier oil or butter, choose your settings and let the infusion process begin. There’s even a super-handy app for your phone!

Clean-up’s a breeze too because all of the parts are dishwasher safe.

Infused Butter Oat Milk Chocolate pudding is one of the best ways to enjoy an infused edible. Not only is this recipe delicious, but it’s easy to make, which is great for novice edible creators and experts alike. 

Now it’s time to start whipping up some infused pudding for yourself and some friends. Make the process even easier by using a LĒVO II infusion machine

Are you ready to learn more about the growing art of home infusion? 
LĒVO has a library of recipes, educational content, calculators, photos, and MORE available on our website, or visit us on YouTube to see videos of recipes and our products in action!. Not sure where to start? Take the LĒVO Quiz to see which machine is right for you!” #LĒVOmade


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