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How to Make Herbal-Infused Homemade Tattoo Care Cream

Infused topicals have a unique range of benefits. Medicinal topicals can offer relief to people experiencing a variety of problems affecting the muscles and skin, like inflammation, burns, and localized pain. 

Botanical creams and balms can also offer relief without any psychoactive effects, like those experienced with other forms of consumption.

You can also use these creams and salves for other types of skin health, including as a moisturizer, or just as a healthy part of your overall skincare routine. Botanically-infused topicals can be a beneficial and holistic method to help maintain your integumentary health.

Rather than consuming the herb by smoking, or eating edibles, using a botanically infused lotion can provide targeted relief for the affected area of the skin. Using these creams, salves, or balms when you get a new tattoo can help with the pain, inflammation/itch, and support the skin’s recovery. 

Even better, you can make your own customizable creams at home! #LĒVOmade 

Tattoo Care with Herbal-Infused Cream

Tattoo aftercare is essential to ensure your new ink heals correctly. There are numerous tattoo balms and creams on the market, but you may have heard that you can use botanically-infused cream on your new tattoo. 

This type of medicinal cream will also help with overall healing, pain, and inflammation. Also, since you’ve made it, you know exactly what the ingredients are. 

These infused creams contain botanicals from the plants you love most, which are both good for inflammation and pain. It’s most likely that your favorite plant has been used for thousands of years to treat these very symptoms. These specific, infused botanicals also contain fatty acids that will work great as a skin moisturizer. 

Because your skin may feel a bit swollen and itchy after a tattoo, a homemade infused tattoo care cream could be the perfect solution. 

Long after your tattoo has healed, you should still have plenty of infused cream left to treat a kitchen burn, a long day at the beach, or even a bee sting.

tattoo care cream

How to Apply the Cream

Make sure that the area is clean before you apply the cream. Follow the cleaning instructions provided by the tattoo shop, using antibacterial cleaner, and after patting the tattoo dry.  

Now, your tattoo is ready for your homemade infused cream. Gently rub the mixture onto your skin. Make sure to cover the entire tattoo as well as a margin of skin outside of the new ink.  

Don’t worry about dulling the colors of your new tattoo. The fatty acids in the infused cream will protect the colors from fading. In fact, the healing of your tattoo should take place so much faster, so the colors and details will remain sharp and distinct. 

Note: Watch out for Signs of Infection

The infused tattoo lotion will help keep your new ink moisturized while keeping inflammation and discomfort at bay. Contact the tattoo parlor, or go to a licensed physician if you notice unusual swelling or redness.


It’s recommended to experiment with different recipes and ingredients that are best for your skin’s needs when making your own herbal-infused creams at home. Now, after several days of healing-infused lotion care, your new tattoo should be ready to show off!

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