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How To Make Flower & Champagne-Infused Gummies

Nothing says celebration like a little champagne. And today, we're combining two of our favorite things to make the ultimate celebration gummy: Flower-infused MCT oil and champagne!

Perfect for special occasions and gifts, these flower & champagne-infused gummies are easy to make. Using a Tart Cherry Gummy Mix, these infused treats mix tart and sweet notes with hints of champagne flavor. The best part? You get to choose the potency and the champagne taste when you're making them at home.

Tips for Making Flower & Champagne-Infused Gummies

  • For a stronger champagne flavor, omit pre-flavored mixes. Use unflavored gelatin and our simple gummy recipe
  • For non-flower gummies, you can omit the infused oil and add extra champagne or water
  • MCT Oil works best in this recipe but you can also use Coconut Oil
  • Add champagne off heat to preserve the flavor
  • You can swap the champagne for prosecco in this recipe
  • Remember to stir consistently throughout the entire gummy-making process (including dispensing) to prevent the mixture from separating
  • Coat your gummies in cornstarch or sugar to prevent sticking 

Before you get started on this flower and champagne-infused gummies recipe, let's make sure you have the right tools:


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Wendy Westwood calendar_today

Hi! I was wondering if you might start offering vegan gummy mixes. Thanks!
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
We hope to offer them in the future! Thanks for your suggestion!

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