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DIY Hair Growth Oil For Longer Locks

Do you struggle with hair loss or alopecia? Many people do; it’s estimated that more than 80 percent of men and nearly half of women will experience hair loss in their lifetime. Hair loss can be caused by many different things, including genetics, postpartum hormones, thyroid disorders, and anemia. But no matter the cause, some people can find their loss of hair and change in physical appearance distressing, and may look for ways to combat the change. Or some of us might just want longer hair, and that’s enough of a reason to look for remedies, too! If you’re experiencing hair loss and it’s bothering you, read on to learn how to infuse your own DIY hair growth oil from home.

Whilst there’s no one proven treatment for hair loss, massaging carrier oils such as castor oil into your scalp helps promote blood circulation, which can stimulate hair growth. Add herbs such as rosemary to the mix, and you’ve got a remedy that could potentially make your locks more luscious and, hopefully, longer. 

Rosemary is typically used as a fragrant, earthy herb in our food (you simply must try this delicious rosemary garlic hummus recipe!), but it also has benefits for skincare and haircare. If you’re looking for a natural solution to your hair loss, rosemary could be a great natural option for you.  

But, is it proven to work? While there aren’t a lot of studies on it, evidence from a variety of cultures shows rosemary has been used for thousands of years as a natural solution. One interesting 2013 study, looking at rosemary’s effect on the hair growth of mice, did find that it stimulated hair growth. Another study found rosemary to be just as effective as minoxidil, which is a common hair loss medication. Most notably, the herb has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years and is still a go-to in India to this day. In some Mediterranean cultures, the woody perennial is used as a hair rinse, and has been for hundreds of years. 

Rosemary’s ability to potentially boost hair growth may be due to the fact the plant has been found to promote nerve growth, improve circulation, and boost anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with castor oil – an oil loved for its skin-nourishing fatty acids – rosemary hair oil makes a great natural remedy. 

We’ve created a DIY hair growth oil perfect to make using your LĒVO. Regardless of whether you’re after hair growth or not, this is simply a great-smelling oil that will nourish your scalp and soften your hair.


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