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PLVNT Takeover: “Green” Curry

One scroll through Chef Brianna Gallo’s Instagram and you’ll instantly feel those hunger pangs. Her food photography is as drool-worthy as her recipes and we’re excited to have her takeover LEVO’s blog! (Have you seen her infused elotes nachos? We’re hooked!) Brianna Gallo’s journey with food started at a young age. With the help of her Italian grandmother, she learned recipes that had been maintained and passed down to her as a child. Upon moving to California, she explored gluten-free cooking and veganism. Fast forward to today, Chef Brianna Gallo founded PLVNT as a result of her love of art and food. With healthy, artistically driven creations, Brianna specializes in plant-based cuisine. So get your kitchen (and stomach) ready, it’s Brianna’s pleasure to help you eat right! In true celebration of health and wellness, she kicks off springtime with a handful of savory recipes to make at home with your LEVO. First up, how about a little greenery with her “green” curry and smoothie recipes below. Al fresco dining, anyone?

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