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6 Infused Halloween Recipes To Scare & Delight

No matter your age, the best part of Halloween is the treats that you get! And as you get older, the treats get more fun, especially when a LĒVO II is involved.  

All of the recipes listed below have a spooktacular infused twist. From Wicked Witch Wine to Infused Brains and more, these are simple, fun, and sure to impress your guests. 

Take a peek at 6 infused Halloween recipes to scare and delight at your spooky gathering below. 

1. Dracula's Dentures  

For this recipe, we used LEVO's Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. To create Dracula's Dentures, you'll need red frosting, mini marshmallows, and some slivered almonds. 

Start by making your cookies according to the instructions on the box. To assemble, simple break your cookie in half and pipe frosting along the round edges — this will help secure your marshmallows in place. Dot the marshmallows along the edge of the cookie and squish together. Use extra frosting to place on the slivered almond fangs. 

2. Spiderweb Brownies 

This recipe is perfect for all skill types; it involves LĒVO Organic Brownie Mix and some white icing. All you need to do is cook your brownies per the box instructions and then draw on your designs. Check out how we made ours above!  

3. Rice Krispie Brains  

This is a spooky twist on an infused classic. For this, we used a classic Rice Krispie recipe and added red food coloring to the marshmallows to add a pinkish.

The secret to this scary snack is the shaping of the brain. Just mold into a football shape and use a knife for the center indent. Once you've got the shape nailed down, add some squiggles for added texture. 

4. Wicked Witch Infused Wine

Wicked Witch Infused Wine

A Halloween party isn't complete without a witch-themed beverage, and luckily, we have an infused one on deck! Imagined by Bex Carlos, the brains behind Tu Tía Bruja, a podcast about witchcraft, ghosts, the occult, true crime, and the abnormal, this Wicked Witch Infused Wine doubles as a mulled wine with a LĒVO twist. Get the full recipe

5. Poison Apple Gummies 

Poison Apple gummies

If you're looking for a spooky spin on fruit gummies, you need to give these poison apple ones a try. Using ingredients like sour apple Jello and lemonade, these are perfect for Halloween, or whenever you're craving a sour treat. These gummies are dotted with shimmer and shine thanks to the LĒVO edible Gummy Glitter or Infusion Shimmer. Get the full recipe

6. Mummy Red Velvet Infused Cake Pops 

Mummy Cake Pops

Another fun and quick recipe to try is our easy infused cake pops. Chef tip: Red velvet masks the taste of the infusion and also creates a spooky effect when you bite into it! Get the full recipe

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