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Fall Treats Line Up

As fall is turning into winter, we've got a line up of fall treats for you to keep the pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and apples in your bellies. Here's a review of our Fall Treats series and some of our favorite recipes from our favorite friends.

The LEVO Lineup

ICYMI, we've had some scrumptious Fall Treats on the blog the last few weeks to help you get cookin' and stay spicy as the temps drop and the days get shorter. Here's a recap:

  • Sweet + Salty this suuuuper easy 5-ingredient caramel sauce makes an excellent holiday gift. Just dispense into a mason jar, let cool, and top with a small piece of festive fabric or tie a ribbon around the rim. Add it to coffee, dip some apples in it, drizzle over brownies, ice cream, pie...the possibilities are endless!
  • These dairy-free doughnuts come with a warning: you're going to want to eat them all at once. Don't feel bad. They're that good. Thank GOOD SAINT!
  • Jeff the 420 Chef shared his recipe for Pecan Canna Caramel Corn, a fall classic that's easy to make and also makes a festive gift. Wrap some in a cute tin and you're set.
  • A compliment to the caramel sauce is Hempsley's Cinna Honey Butter. SO easy to make with your LEVO and delicious on all your fall treats: breads, muffins, or toast can all get a little elevated. 
  • Rounding out our Fall Treats is a recipe with a nod towards winter. These Spiced Orange Muffins came to us from Golden Root and are dairy- and gluten-free. Their spices say fall and their oranges say winter. We bet they are great in any season.

LEVO Fall Treats Pumpkin Pie Spices Caramel

With a Little Help From Our Friends

This Thanksgiving we were super grateful to all our friends who have been contributing recipes. We picked out few of our favorites from their blogs so you don't miss a treat:

  • Made some Cinna Honey Butter? Enjoy it with these rolls or these waffles (or simple toast will do, too).
  • For a totally indulgent ooey gooey goodness, throw yourself into this Maple Burbon Crusted Canna Pumpkin Pie from Jeff the 420 Chef. It's an impressive crowd-pleaser to make for any holiday party. 
  • With all these delicious eats, don't leave out your lips! Update your fall skin-care line up with this Pumpkin Pie Lip Scrub from Hempsley. 

If you aren't ready to say bye just yet, you can keep the fall vibes going with these treats. Get cookin' and share your pics with @LEVO_Oil and let everyone know it's #LEVOmade. 

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