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Infüsiast Spotlight: Sonnet W., Owner of MidnightCandy

From culinary experts to holistic healers, edible lovers and beyond, the LĒVO Love Club community is what makes our small business so incredibly special.

As part of a recurring series, we’ll be shining the spotlight on infüsiasts to share their tips, tricks & infusion journeys. This month, we talked to Sonnet W., a chef, mother, and content creator who has started her own business crafting unique edibles and subscription boxes using LĒVO as one of her go-to kitchen tools. 

"I almost feel like LĒVO has been my partner when it comes to MidnightCandy in the kitchen."

Sonnet's story inspires us because it proves that you can make a career out of doing things you love. All you need is the creativity, motivation, and the right tools to get started.  

Sonnet W. Midnight Candy Queen

Read about Sonnet's infusion journey and how she started her business below. 

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do. 

High! I'm Sonnet and I'm a vlogger, chef, mom, and content creator! Besides my two beautiful children, I've also birthed a genius business concept by the name of MidnightCandy! MidnightCandy is an edibles & flower-friendly subscription box that services all adults, genders, and personalities across the U.S.

I vlog about beauty, health, cooking/recipes and an overall, "TREAT YOURSELF" lifestyle. But mostly I share my love for creating beautiful, unexpected, and breathtaking edibles!

How did you start your business? 

I started my small business concept by trying to help the everyday, overwhelmed, and overworked mother get a good night's rest. That involved myself, too! I realized at the end of my day and night, catering to everyone other than myself, that I had forgotten to have dinner or rest.

So while the world was asleep at midnight, I was getting off of my feet, enjoying my MidnightCandy & drifting off into the best night of sleep of my life. 

MidnightCandyQueen Sonnet W.

What’s the most popular item you sell? 

I have a forever-changing, themed menu every month. It provides loads of fun new edibles along with set items that never change or leave due to their popularity.

One of those items is my always requested, "Basic Bitch" Specialty Chocolate Bar. A whopping 300mg Dark Chocolate Bar with the perfect blend of berries & nuts! Ironically, nothing is basic about it at all! 

What was your first experience with LĒVO like? 

My first experience with a LĒVO was pure shock mixed with excitement! Instead of steadily standing over my oil process on the stove for hours, I just simply push a little button.

I can rest, play with my kids, shower & shop while LĒVO is processing oil for me. 

Green LEVO II Small Business

How has LĒVO helped your business? 

I almost feel like LĒVO has been my partner when it comes to MidnightCandy in the kitchen.

The amazing precision that comes along with using LĒVO while making your edibles is the part that blows me away every time! I love consistency & accuracy with dosing. It displays impeccable talent & integrity when it comes to tasty & effective treats in this business. One wrongfully dosed treat can change everything as a chef of an edibles business.

What’s your recommendation to someone just starting their infusion journey? 

Please, please, PLEASE read your manual for proper temperature instructions when it comes to bouncing from one element to the other, such as oils, creams & milks.

Also multi-pod functionality is a must! The more Power Pods the better, especially for higher oil production like MidnightCandy. 

MidnightCandyQueen Edibles

How can our readers connect with you? 

Oh my! I'm everywhere! Especially when it comes to promoting MidnightCandy & LĒVO on social media!

Instagram: @MidnightCandyQueen
Facebook: The Official Midnight Candy
YouTube: MidnightCandyClub

You can find lots of digital menus, recipes, walkthroughs, tips, tricks, and more on any of my amazing pages! I look forward to seeing you all and cooking together. Join the MidnightCandyClub!

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