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Infusiast Spotlight: Aisha H., Creator Behind The Active Herb

From culinary experts to holistic healers, edible lovers and beyond, the LĒVO Love Club community is what makes our small business so incredibly special.

As part of a recurring series, we’ll be shining the spotlight on infüsiasts to share their tips, tricks & infusion journeys. This month, we spoke to Aisha H., an individual with an impressive resume. With a PhD in Epidemiology and a Masters in Plant Biotechnology, Aisha shares her knowledge through her platforms under the name, The Active Herb. 

"I was in love [with LĒVO] at unboxing. When I used the system to make an herb infused oil in under 2 hours, that would typically take up to 6 weeks to extract, I was sold."

Aisha develops recipes that use the healing power of herbs and we think you'll love her story. 

Aisha H., The Active Herb

Below we discuss Aisha's past research, tip on starting in herbalism, and how LĒVO has aided her day-to-day. 

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do. 

I Mastered in Plant Biotechnology and I earned a PhD in Epidemiology. I am Dr. Aisha Hill and it is safe to say that I am interested in understanding diseases and their impact on specific communities. Prior to my Epidemiology/Public Health career, I spent years as a Biomedical Scientist, researching Lupus and similar autoimmune diseases. Specifically, investigating the lymphocytes (B- and T-cells) of lupus patients vs. “healthy” patients to pinpoint any up- or down- regulation of various cell types. Fortunately, I studied those same patients to investigate how neighborhood factors, BMI, and depression affect lupus patients.

I started “The Active Herb” with an intent to create attractive content that provides education and knowledge to my community. The overall goal is putting my “two cents” in the development of better health and better health outcomes, knowledge is one of the missing links. Plus, it is exciting to create tinctures, extracts, teas, salves, etc. and witness the herbs work. 


What sparked your interest in herbalism? 

My interest in medicinal plants began when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. That interest really sparked once I began a Master’s program in biotechnology. I decided to focus my research on medicinal plants, specifically Scutellaria aka Skullcap.

Mostly interested in knowing more about the bioactive components of medicinal plants and how they act on a cellular level, I found myself micropropagating and genetically modifying the plants to induce “hairy root disease.”

I know it may seem awkward that I would want to induce the plants with a “disease,” but it’s actually a good thing. Usually triggered by a soil bacterium, hairy root disease renders more plant material at a faster growth rate, hence a higher yield of the medicinal components/phytochemical or secondary metabolites that we use in medicine. After about 6 months of tissue culture, I found myself with over 1000 plant clones. I used the clones to examine the trichomes and the chemical constituents by means of histochemistry.

That research aided in building a repertoire of the several species within the Scutellaria genus, helping with things like adulteration and insight on the chemical constituents of the plant. Herbs are a vibe for me. 


What’s one step someone could take to introducing herbalism in their lives? 

If you are interested in herbalism, start by deciding the benefits that you would like to reap. After you have a goal in mind, research to find a herb that offers those benefits. Purchase or harvest some and go from there. The knowledge will build quickly. 

What was your first experience with LĒVO like? 

My first experience with LĒVO was amazing! I was in love at unboxing. When I used the system to make an herb infused oil in under 2 hours, that would typically take up to 6 weeks to extract, I was sold. The ease of the machine is unbelievable and so aesthetically pleasing. 

How has LĒVO helped you in your research?

The LĒVO has provided ease. The time saved with this machine is unheard of. I can think of a recipe and have an extraction on the same day. 

Aisha H. The Active Herb

What’s your recommendation to someone just starting their infusion journey? 

If you are just beginning your infusion journey, READ, READ, READ, and then read again. There is a lot of content, so many websites, and a wealth of recipes at your fingertips. Just try things that are interesting to you. Ideas will come. 


How can our readers connect with you?

I post content on a regular basis via one of the following platforms:

TikTok: @TheActiveHerb
Instagram: @TheActiveHerb
Pinterest: @TheActiveHerb

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