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5 Questions With LĒVO Ambassador, Chef Charleen Caabay

One thing that we love about the infüsiast community is that it's made up of incredibly talented individuals. From edible business owners to PhD graduates and chefs, there's so much to learn from the community. 

While you've had the opportunity to meet some notable infüsasts through our Spotlight series, we are particularly excited to announce our newest partner, Chef Charleen Caabay

Charleen is a culinary genius, creative, and advocate for all things flower-related. She is also the the first Filipino American female champion on Food Network's acclaimed 'Chopped.' 

Charleen is the CIO and co-founder of The People’s EcosystemTPE is an organization focused on providing flower education, services and products while elevating resources and capital for minority flower-business owners. 

We are so excited for Charleen to share her wealth of knowledge when it comes to the beneficial properties of the plant and proper techniques for infusion! 

Chef Charleen Cabaay

Learn more about Chef Charleen Caabay in our interview with her below! 

How did you discover your love for cooking?

I've always found love in cooking for friends and family. From creating new recipes and throwing down in the kitchen to seeing how much joy it brings them. 

What inspired you to start the People's Ecosystem?

Getting into the flower industry has always been challenging from when we started as a private collective. During the pandemic, my partner and I knew we had to make a pivot for the business. We wanted to create a better pathway for BIPOC and women-led business owners to achieve generational wealth through flower. There's enough for everyone and we all deserve more than a seat at the table. We deserve ownership to our own creations and our own businesses. I’m inspired everyday in bringing this possibility into reality. 

What is your favorite infused snack to make at home?

My favorite homemade infused snack would be muddy buddies — chocolate and peanut butter smothered with Chex cereal, and covered with powdered sugar. I infuse the chocolate and/or the peanut butter together, which elevates the snack to another level. Ohhhhh I get so hooked.

What is a tip you have for those starting out with infusion?

Always learn your dosing. Start low, be patient with activation time, and fine tune what type of regimen you want for yourself.

What types of recipes can our readers expect from you?

I love making comfort foods - family style, shareable snacks, occasional sweets, Filipino inspired foods, and low carb options from time to time. 

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