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LĒVO CEO Chrissy Bellman Shares Her Favorite DIY Herbal Infusions

LĒVO's founder and CEO Chrissy Bellman naturally has a very busy schedule. But despite the fast-paced day-to-day of running LĒVO, she still manages to fit DIY infusions into her week. They’re her passion, after all. 

As a time-pressed person in business, Chrissy has turned to easy, trusted home infusions that she can whip up on a Sunday afternoon, before the week ahead in the office. From keeping her skin looking bright and moisturized, to practicing self-care and maintaining a nutritious, balanced diet, Chrissy works her LĒVO herbal infusions into every facet of her life. Here, she’s shared what works for her as a busy CEO, and told us why she loves these tried and tested herbal infusions! 

Chrissy’s favorite to destress after a busy day… Lavender Shower Steamers

“I'm a bargain hunter, so I love hacks like these – DIY, but make it fancy! The process of making something like this is relaxing in itself, so it sets you up for an at-home spa day perfectly and keeps all the nasty ingredients of packaged stuff out of the mix.”

Image of lavender used to make herbal infusions with LĒVO.

For easy meal prep… Infused Vegan Tofu

"I'm so here for recipes that make meal prepping a breeze! In particular, I love turning my fridge into a personalized salad bar at the beginning of my week. No excuses for eating trash when you can so easily throw a tasty salad together! Gotta have the protein on lock for a balanced meal, so this is perfect to have chopped and ready in the same container you made it in!"

Image of tofu and herbal infusions made with LĒVO.

After one too many late nights... Glow-Up Glycerin

“This is a no brainer to have around! I love that it has a great shelf life and is jam-packed with herbal goodness. Living in Colorado has also taught me the value of a great moisturizer that is effective, but light enough not to cause a breakout.”

Image of glycerine, one of LĒVO's herbal infusions.

For a mid-morning energy boost… Seven Layers Of Festive Magic Bars

“I love recipes like this because after you've nailed it once, you can start swapping ingredients to make something that's tailored to you or a loved one. Delicious!”

Image of seven layer magic bars, made of herbal infusions by LĒVO.

A nourishing sweet treat… Healthy Avocado Brownies

“I’ll take any excuse to eat a healthy dessert. I definitely love to end my day with a few bites of something sweet or chocolatey.”

Image of healthy brownies, made with herbal infusions by LĒVO.

A go-to dinner dish… Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Apples

"This one is such a crowd pleaser – I love that it boasts ingredients that most people love, but is unique in the way it pairs them together. It’s a great way to be the Martha Stewart of your friend group!”

Image of sweet potatoes, made with herbal infusions by LĒVO.

What are your favorite infusions? Tag us @LEVO_oil and tell us your go-to recipes!

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