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MCT Oil Hard Candy Recipe

Whether you’re preparing to for a serious chill sesh or ready to embark on an adventure for the day, we are here to provide elevated edibles with a #LEVOmade twist. Try our MCT oil hard candy recipe below and check out our Ultimate LĒVO II Kit for all of the tools that you need to get started on your infusion journey. Don't forget to pick up LĒVO's MCT Oil, too. 

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Maria M calendar_today

I’ve read that heating flower past 292°F destroys medicinal properties. Wouldn’t creating this recipe impact the medicinal properties inside the oil?
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
Not from our understanding. We haven’t had any issues baking brownies or any other edibles where the temperature which you bake them or cook them at exceeds 300 degrees!

Levo Owner C calendar_today

I would presume lecithin would be used in this recipe, but it makes no mention of it… Is that because it may affect the color of the candy? Or because you don’t recommend using lecithin with this recipe? Or just didn’t add that part, because you presume we are already using lecithin? I have read several places lecithin helps for making candy, especially….
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
There isn’t water in this recipe that the MCT oil needs to mesh with so lecithin is not included. However, as we mention at the top of the recipe, hard candy is about 70% experimentation, so if you find that it gives you better results, by all means go for it!

Kitten calendar_today

Can you use regular coconut oil?
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
This particular recipe has not been tested with coconut oil as a substitute, but it should work just fine! Let us know how your results turn out!

rayanna calendar_today

can you use the gummy molds on your website to make the hard candies?
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:

Ed calendar_today

Little confused by the ratio in this recipe of flower to oil. It says to add 1/2 cup oil in with the 7g flower, but 7 g of flower pretty much fills the herb pod and 1/2 cup of oil doesn’t even come vlose to covering all that, seems to take a full 2 cups of oil to cover 7g of flower. Am I missing something?
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
Great question, sorry for the confusion! You can use as much oil as you desire when infusing the MCT oil, and we do recommend having your herb fully submerged! The actual recipe for hard candy only uses 1/4 cup of infused MCT oil, so if you decide to infuse more just store the remaining infusion in an airtight container in the fridge to extend shelf life! As a rule of thumb, less oil and more herb will result in a more potent infusion. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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