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Your New Favorite Infused Gummies Recipe

We love making our own infused gummies. Have you tried it? The sweet and tangy bears can be enjoyed in many different flavors and their small size makes them a great option for controlling dosage—whether that be your sugar intake or medicinally. Either way, this yummy treat will keep you coming back for more! 

Looking for perfectly portioned molds or the tools you need to make this recipe? Take a peek at our Gummy & Candy Molds and our LEVO II + Gummy Making Bundle to help you get started. 

Or if you're looking for an even simpler way to make gummies at home, shop our Gummy Mix Trio, which comes with Cherry, Peach, and Raspberry flavored mixes. Just add infused oil and water! 

Follow the #LEVOmade recipe for infused gummies below. 


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Levo Owner C calendar_today

How was the consistency? Was it like gummy bears ( a little tougher), like sour patch kids (sorta in-between), or like jello (which would be pretty disappointing.) And how many people used the LEVO brand ingredients. I just can’t justify the price difference, unless people feel there is real justification to the additional cost… Please let me know. Thank you.
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
Hi there! It can depend, but to start and upon recipe finish, we say somewhere in that softer in-between. If you prefer after some chilling & setting, you can pop them out to let the air toughen them up a little further. Many of our users are fans of our gummy mix, as all of our delicious recipes are tailored to our named product & make for a simpler process!

James Roberts calendar_today

I just got my second levo machine I infused honey all types of oil now I’m going to learn to make gummies love this machine just love it

John Keogh calendar_today

Can i put honey in my LEVO2?
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:

April Chetwynd calendar_today

Just made the gummies for the first time and was impressed how easy it was ! Definitely would recommend.

Rosie calendar_today

Thank you Levo for making my life easier! We love it!

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