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Infused Eggnog Recipe

It's the most wonderful time of the year! A time where we get together with friends and family for a little rest and relaxation. This year, celebrate with a winter staple...that has an infused twist, of course. This infused eggnog recipe is just what you need to take your holidays higher. 

But how did this creamy drink become so popular? Let's dig a little into the history. 

The Origins Of Eggnog 

Many believe that eggnog originates in Europe, as early as the 13th century. British medieval monks were known to drink a warm ale punch with eggs and figs called "posset," which over time, evolved into various other milk and wine drinks. 

A few centuries later, sherry became a popular ingredient to use in the eggy beverage as a nod to one's health and prosperity. It was also a sign of wealth because eggs, sherry and milk were scarce and hard to acquire. 

As time went on, others began to adapt the drink with less expensive alcohols such as run, brandy and wine. The rum version became a staple for people of all statuses. 
Today, it's a holiday staple that's enjoyed with and without alcohol. And while you could easily add a little infused MCT Oil to store-bought eggnog, there's something about making your own from scratch that is so delicious and satisfying.

Before you dive into the this homemade infused eggnog recipe, let's make sure you have all the tools to make it. 


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