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How To Make LĒVO's Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Cookies are the ultimate munchie and we're so happy to introduce you to our Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. It's simple to make and 100% natural — all you need to do is add eggs and infused oil, butter, or ghee for a delicious infused treat.

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Here Are Some Fast Facts About LEVO's Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix:

  • Designed specifically to absorb the taste of infused oil
  • Certified Kosher
  • All natural, no preservatives
  • Real chocolate chips
  • Can be made vegan with egg substitute
  • Add 1/2 cup of your own infused oil
  • Yields 24 cookies

Tips On How To Elevate Your Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix:

  • Use an infused ghee for extra richness.
  • Play around with your ingredients. In addition to the chocolate chips, try adding in even more for a cookie that's jammed packed with fun and infusion. Other ingredients you could include nuts, peanut butter chips, and dried fruit, to name a few.
  • Add a splash of vanilla.If you love to bake, chances are, you already have some vanilla extract in your cupboard. You can add a layer of depth to boxed brownies with this sweet aroma.
  • Try making slutty brownies.This dessert is a triple threat. It starts with a base layer of cookie dough and a top layer of brownie with Oreos baked into the middle. It's decadent, to say the least, but absolutely worth every last calorie.

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