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How to Make Infused Edibles Gummy Worms

Not too many candies are as universally loved as gummy worms. So this medicinal hemp-infused gummy worm recipe is sure to be a hit.


A first-of-its-kind device, the patented technology within the LĒVO II was created to bring wellness to your home kitchen in a simplified way. The LĒVO II is an infusion device that allows you to easily infuse your favorite butters, oils, honey, milk, and more with healthy, natural herbs, including, of course, your favorite flower. You no longer have to spend hours trying to activate and infuse your own food because the LĒVO II does it for you in much less time than it would take you to do it using your oven or stove. Also, gone are the days of buying premade or store-bought infused oils and edibles and not knowing exactly what’s in them.

The LĒVO II doesn’t just take the work out of infusing, it presents with a sleek design and advanced, intelligent automation. The device comes in five different colors -- red, blue, green, cream, and black -- and features an easy-to-read digital display screen with buttons for temperature and time settings and the three automated cycles: drying, activating, and infusing. In addition, you can save your favorite drying, activating, and infusing settings.

Clean-up is easy. After use, simply toss the reservoir, the herb pod, and the silicone stirrer in the dishwasher or hand-wash with soap and water, and you’re good to go. The various parts of the LĒVO II are non-toxic.

The LĒVO II comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. If, for some strange reason, you don’t enjoy the LĒVO II, you’re welcome to return it within 30 days for your money back.

Take your wellness into your own hands with the LĒVO II.


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Suzanne Rivard calendar_today

What do I need to make really calming gummies, to kick abd relax

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