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How to Make Chocolate Edibles with Coconut Oil

Who doesn’t love chocolate, and who doesn’t love a good edible? This chocolate edible recipe will have you feeling good and craving more! And the best part is that the recipe is easy to make, especially when you use the LEVO II to infuse your coconut oil with hemp flower.

The Benefits of Infused Oil

One of the best ways to incorporate more herbs into your food and other goods for your wellness is to infuse them into oils and carriers without having to worry about consuming the herb in its natural form. Infused oils have become more popular as people have taken their wellness into their own hands. Natural foods stores across the country are selling infused oils, butters, and other goods, but many of them can run you a pretty penny. Enter LEVO II.


You no longer have to worry about trying to simulate all the steps of infusing herbs into your liquids manually or routinely paying high prices for pre-made infused oil and butter. The LEVO II is a unique, one-of-a-kind device that infuses oils, butters, milk, honey, glycerin, and more.

The LEVO II comes in five different colors: black, green, cream, red, and blue, and its sleek design will be sure to look great on your kitchen counter with any aesthetic. The device features push buttons and a sleek, clear, digital screen that makes its functions easy to read and easy to use. And the best part? The steeping infusion process is entirely automated.

Cleaning is easy; just wash four small parts (the reservoir, the herb pod, drain tube, and the silicone stirrer) with soap and water or in your dishwasher. 

We believe so highly in the LEVO II that if for some reason, you’re not satisfied with it, we’ll refund the purchase price as long as you return it within 30 days of delivery. Additionally, the LEVO II includes a one-year limited manufacturers’ warranty.

Infusion is made easy with this affordable, non-toxic, and dishwasher-safe device.


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O calendar_today

If my chocolate already melted can I just add the oil and stir really well? Thanks
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
Absolutely! If you’ve already got your oil infused and chocolate melted beforehand, go ahead and stir ’em well! If you have any trouble mixing them (too thick/clumpy), we recommend the low heat for easier stirring & combining.

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