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How To Make Homemade Ghee

An ancient food from India, ghee has been used for thousands of years. In India, ghee is eaten as a health food, used as part of ceremonial practices, and used for healing practices in Ayurvedic medicine, such as treating burns and rashes and helping hydrate dry skin and hair. It is a product of preservation: the warmer weather in southern India demands that people find a way to make their butter keep longer and remain fresh. The solution was to cook the butter long enough to remove the milk solids that spoil easily. This process turned out a lactose-free and casein-free butter that tastes, well…butterier! In addition to tasting richer and nuttier than plain ol’ butter, ghee is actually healthier for you, too. Simply put, ghee is like clarified butter, the kind you get with lobster, but it’s cooked longer to give it a deep, rich flavor and to cook away all those proteins and sugars. What’s left behind has over 25% of medium and short-chained fatty acids, which are the good kinds of fat that don’t contribute to cardiovascular disease.

In addition to infusing, LEVO is a handy, mess-free way to make ghee, a healthy (and lactose-free!) alternative to butter. Add your herbs of choice to make an infusion first, or skip the infusion and use LEVO to cook some shelf-stable ghee perfect for cooking & baking. Learn how to make homemade ghee by following our recipe below!


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