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Hemp Candle Recipe

Never thought about making candles at home, let alone with your LĒVO? You’re not alone. But it’s surprisingly much easier than you may have thought since all ingredients (including soy wax!) can be added to the LĒVO reservoir and combined easily in your machine. Try our hemp candle recipe for a relaxing night in or an intimate chill with a special someone.

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Kellie calendar_today

I am excited to see that candles can be made in the Levo. I use coconut wax to construct my candles, will that process in the Levo? Will making candle making leave wax residue when trying to make butters/oils?
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
You can use wax in the LEVO! We recommend having two sets of spare parts, one for your wax infusions, and one for your butters and oils!

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