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Easy Chocolate Fondue With an Infused Twist

Craving an indulgent after-dinner treat? There’s nothing more deliciously decadent than some easy chocolate fondue, and we’ve made sure our recipe is as gooey and silky as you’d hope, with the added benefit of LĒVO-infused butter. 

While chocolate fondue may not be the most traditional dish, its cheesy cousin has been around for thousands of years. Cheese fondue is a beloved staple in Switzerland, but the dish’s origins date back much further. The first mention of fondue can be traced as far back to Ancient Greece, with the great poet Homer mentioning it in his epic Iliad, in 800 BC!

And although we do love our cheese, we may just love chocolate even more. Our infused and easy chocolate fondue is served with loads of fruit (think strawberries, kiwi and pineapple!) and a good helping of marshmallows, of course.


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