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Cinnamon Apple Tart Recipe

Once it’s fall, dinner parties move indoors from rooftops and backyards. For your next indoor soiree this season, bring an apple tart that’s equal parts delicious and a showstopper for your guests and dessert spread. The most popular, all-purpose apple for cooking an apple tart is the granny smith. The flavor is crisp and sour which is ideal when paired with other sweeter or spicier apples in pies or crisps. For this cinnamon apple tart recipe in particular, there’s no need to roll out the crust. The dough is similar to a graham cracker crust using an all-purpose flour to create its shortbread shell. Additionally, the recipe allows you to bake everything together making it super easy to follow. No need to blind bake the crust too. Follow our #LEVOmade cinnamon apple tart recipe below!

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