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Infused Goji Cacao Chocolate Bark Recipe

When someone said chocolate was food for the gods, they were thinking of our infused goji cacao chocolate bark recipe. It's a superfood, after all.

Superfoods: Tiny plant-based nutrients packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals which make us feel better, heal faster, and even live longer! Superfoods are also high in antioxidants, which are like shields that protect our bodies from cellular damage and disease. With superfoods, a little goes a long way and by incorporating them into your diet every day you will gain superpowers over time. 

Cocoa and goji berries are two powerful superfoods that are nutritionally dense and fill your body with all the right feel-good chemicals. Cacao is one of nature’s most potent antioxidant foods with over 300 healing chemicals including magnesium, zinc, anandamide and much more! Research has shown that cacao helps defuse free radicals, improve cardiovascular health, and reverse signs of aging. It’s also known to help boost mood and relieve symptoms of PMS!

Goji berries contain eighteen amino acids including all eight essential amino acids. These antioxidant-rich and high protein berries also contain over twenty vitamins and minerals making them even more powerful than some vegetables that we know. Goji berries have been studied to prevent free radical damage that accelerates aging as well as a huge boost to our immune system.

One for one, goji berries have more vitamin C than oranges which not only keep us from getting sick vitamin C also helps skin’s elasticity! Together cocoa, goji berries, and infused coconut oil make this bark a true healing treat. When a dessert can heal you and make you happy at the same time, you can sign us up anytime. Try our infused goji cacao chocolate bark recipe below!


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