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LEVO Loves Moms

...Is it time to talk to your mom (or grandma) about flower?

With an abundance of options for health & wellness, flower has never been more accessible for a variety of uses and treatments. We sit down for a frank (and hilarious) conversation with some of our favorite folks in the industry to celebrate it's many benefits.


Michael & Maria Gobo
Lauren & Robin Unger (Founder & Healer, Hint of Greens)
Chris & Lila Sayegh + Amy Lentini (CEO & Chef, The Herbal Chef)
Olivia & Ellen Harris (Chief Creative Officer, LEVO)

Directed/Produced by Kevin Alexander Gallo and Matthew Chupack
Shot by Sadé Clacken Joseph and Jer Robert Paulin


Don't forget to catch some of our favorite outtakes:

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Love, Team LEVO

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