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In the Kitchen With STUDIO A-OK x ODB

It’s officially summertime which means we’ll do anything to stay cool! From outdoor BBQs and basking in the sun, who says our eats can’t be healthy, fresh, and fun? Our friends up north at Studio A-OK and ODB (Our Daily Brett) collaborated on a Mediterranean-inspired salad that’s both tasty, seasonal and dosed–for a little summertime magic! The recipe originates from Brett McDermott, who as a young boy was put to work in the kitchen by his mother to stay out of trouble. As a private chef, he traveled to places like Maui, Belize, and Nicaragua to cook at yoga retreats and surf hotels. Before opening the doors of his namesake boutique market and catering company, Our Daily Brett, he also had a meal delivery program and worked on an organic farm in upcountry Maui. In collaboration with Studio A-OK, a lifestyle brand whose mission is to provide playful, premium products that refine one’s smoking experience, Brett creates a basil and flower-infused oil with the assist of our very own LEVO. Check out all the delicious veggies in the mix and follow the recipe below.

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