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Herbal Green Olives

This is the second post from our Chron Vivant takeover. In this post, he explains what to do with that leftover oil after making your olive oil cake. These infused olives will make a great garnish for your New Year’s Eve cocktails made from fat-washed gin. I’m constantly looking for creative uses for my infusions. I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with my new LEVO that I recently found myself with a glut of infused oils to play with. I had some leftover flower-infused extra virgin olive oil after making our cake, so I decided to infuse some green olives and fat-washed gin. These infused olives are always handy to have lying around the bar for garnishing savory cocktails and they also make beautiful last-minute gifts tucked into a glass jar with a ribbon around the top. You can use your olive of choice, of course. Personally, I prefer using larger organic green olives that are medium to mild in flavor so they pair well with many drinks. You don’t want your olive to steal the show from your cocktails.

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