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CCC x LEVO 2nd Anniversary Dinner

We joined Canna Curious Club to celebrate their inaugural #CCCGetaway and Second Anniversary in Los Angeles with a LEVO-infused dinner prepared by The Herbal Chef at his space in Downtown LA.

Seating arrangements prepared by Peculiar Ink, the flower calligrapher. 

Guests enjoyed Ellipsis Wine, a custom Serra x Canna Curious table game to set the mood and Da Lata C-D joints.

Da Lata Cannabis Joint      LEVO Oil Infuser

A delicious meal prepared by The Herbal Chef offered both both medicated and unmedicated LEVO infused dishes, served family style.



A generous gift box was presented at the conclusion of the meal, including goodies from Serra, Au Box, Hempsley, Supplied by 1964, The Herbal Chef and more.

A set by O D D N E S S E helped set the mood before dessert. 



Thank you to the supremely talented photographers who captured the event; Morgan English of This Flower Life and Bess Byers, AKA Cannabess.

This Cannabis Life Photography    levo-oil-cannabess_outside

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