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5 of Our Best Lavender Infusions for Self-Care

Feeling stressed and tired? Or do you simply need some alone time? A proper self-care routine can truly improve your mood, sense of wellbeing, sleep and overall happiness. But unfortunately, when life gets busy, meeting our own physical and mental needs can be pushed further and further down the to-do list. Which is why we often need a simple product — a balm, a candle, a bath bomb — to easily transport us to the relaxation zone.

Luckily, your LĒVO is perfectly suited for not just edibles, but making wellness products, too. Having a bunch of go-to remedies that can be LĒVO-infused makes self-care more accessible—we love affordable DIY.

Lavender is a wonderful herb for self-care, and it pairs perfectly with your LĒVO. It has long been loved for its deeply calming, stress-reducing aromatherapy properties. Whether you love the fragrant smell of the purple flowers in summer, or enjoy putting a few drops of essential oil on your pillow before sleep, this aromatic herb is definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Here, we’ve pulled together our favorite recipes for lavender infusions and DIY creations that can be added to any self-care routine. Simply click each link for the full recipe!

Image of lavender shower steamers by LĒVO. One of LĒVO's best lavender infusions.

Lavender Shower Steamers

Who said self-care just had to be associated with baths? With a shower steamer (a shower-ready take on a bath bomb), you can turn your bathroom into a temporary steam room. In this easy recipe, jojoba oil is infused with lavender using your LĒVO, giving these shower bombs an aromatic kick. Blast the warm water and relax as the mauve-hued round dissolves and fills the bathroom with lavender-scented, steamy goodness.

Image of a lavender matcha latte by LĒVO. One of LĒVO's best lavender infusions.

Blueberry Lavender Matcha

Hot drinks make us feel warm and cosy, so they’re the perfect match for a moment of self-care. Matcha is naturally rich in antioxidants, but also caffeine, so it's a great option for a mid-morning pick-me-up. Here, homemade blueberry syrup is infused with lavender using your LĒVO, adding a deeply herbal, scented element to this deliciously frothy cuppa. Turn on your favorite song, and enjoy the moment to yourself.

Image of a lavender salve by LĒVO. One of LĒVO's best lavender infusions.

Warming Lavender-Infused Muscle Rub

Slouching over a desk, vigorous exercise, and menstrual cramps are all common triggers that lead to our muscles aching. We’d all agree that drifting off to sleep with an aching back is far from relaxing! As part of a simple self-care routine, apply this soothing salve to aching muscles just before bed, taking a few minutes to self-massage it into areas that give you grief. The LĒVO-infused “Hots” mixture adds a fiery element to this balm, warming the skin, whilst the addition of lavender will help you drift off to sleep.

Image of a lavender bath scrub by LĒVO. One of LĒVO's best lavender infusions.

Lavender Bath Scrub

If soaking in a bath whilst reading your favorite book is your ideal form of self-care, then this calming bath scrub is a real treat! Taking time to massage the scrub into your skin will not only help you feel soft and smooth, but you’ll also be taking a moment to connect with yourself. The LĒVO lavender-infused coconut oil can be combined with salts of your choice, depending on whether you want them to melt into the bath, or prefer to use them to scrub at dry skin.

Image of lavender essential oil roller balls by LĒVO. One of LĒVO's best lavender infusions.

Stress-Less Scented Rollerball

We love how this pocket-sized rollerball can be easily stowed in the car or handbag, meaning we can take care of ourselves on-the-go. Lavender, rosemary, and mint are infused into grapeseed oil in your LĒVO, creating a grounding remedy. Simply roll it on your pulse points (your temple, the inside of your wrists, or the soles of your feet) to enjoy the therapeutic effect.

Looking for more LĒVO recipes? Head here!

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