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5 Reasons Healthy People Are Obsessed with At-Home Herbal Infusion

Tired of spending too much on “all-natural” products only to find out they’re full of additives and chemicals?

With solvents and preservatives popping up in so many “natural” products these days, the struggle is definitely real. Especially when all you’re trying to do is make healthier choices! Low-quality ingredients, incorrect labels, and false claims only add to the frustration, making it more challenging than it already is to eat healthily. Here’s how the creators behind the LĒVO II are changing the health and wellness game with at-home automated herbal infusion:

1) You decide what goes in and on your body.

You no longer have to worry if the infused oil you’re cooking with contains any harmful ingredients like additives, solvents, or emulsifiers. The LEVO II doesn’t require anything but herbs and oil to produce an effective product, whether that’s a delicious lavender honey butter, a calming eucalyptus-infused lotion, or something in between. Plus, there’s no risk of chemical leaching in the process since the plastic used in the LEVO II is FDA-approved food-grade plastic.

Image of five spoons with herbs in them for LĒVO's article on herbal infusion.

2) You can easily incorporate it into your daily routine.

Ditch the overwhelm that comes with trying to make your daily routine mimic the latest “health” influencer. Make your routine work for YOU with the LEVO II. Its three different settings—dry, infuse, and activate—allow you to make the exact type of herbaceous product you need, from topicals to ingestibles (and even bath bombs and scented candles!). Easily incorporate your herb creation into your day by adding it to your AM smoothie or your skincare routine, and head out the door feeling uplifted and healthy.

Image of two smoothies made by LĒVO through herbal infusion.

3) It’s never been easier to infuse at home.

No, seriously. Between the LEVO II’s easy-open top, precise temperature sensor, and digital display screen, at-home herbal infusions have literally never been easier. Synced with a simple-to-use app on your smartphone, you can set, save, and store your favorite settings and monitor your infusions. And when you’re done, all you have to do is throw the components in the dishwasher. No mess, no cleanup, no waste.

Image of the LĒVO II herbal infusion device being used to make herb oil.

4) You can reduce your waste and save money.

Using a gentle infusion method with a silicone stirrer, the LEVO II minimizes the aeration of your herbs, preserving the flavor and prolonging the shelf life of your infusions so you don’t feel the pressure to use them up so quickly. Plus, with a prolonged shelf life, there’s no waste to worry about from throwing out unused products gone bad. Not to mention the amount of money you save by making your own botanicals at home instead of paying a premium at the store for a product with not-so-recognizable ingredients.

Image of LĒVO infused olive oil and vinegar next to the herbs used for an herbal infusion.

5) You can shake things up with healthy new recipes.

Just as friendly to homemade experiments as it is to tried-and-true recipes, the LEVO II leaves room for you to learn and try new things. If you’re looking for some guidance, recipes ranging from infused roasted Brussels sprouts to warming muscle rub salve are all available in the free library of resources on LEVO’s website. On top of that, LEVO has multiple Facebook groups for LEVO lovers to share their latest experimentations and concoctions. The hardest part will be deciding which recipe you’re going to try first!

Image of a grain bowl with tofu made with LĒVO herbal infusion.

If you made it to number 5, you’re obviously hungry for a healthier lifestyle… feed your infüsiasm!

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