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Valentine's Day Sale

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LEVO Coconut Oil is Organic, virgin, and unrefined. It's great for infusing and has a nice coconut taste. Certified Organic for all your healthy infusions with LEVO II. The 29 oz jar will fill almost 2 reservoirs full. LĒVO Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil: A versatile and healthy alternative to butter or olive oil.
LEVO organic virgin coconut oil nutrition facts. Premium LĒVO 29 fl oz Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: Perfect for baking, cooking, and adding flavor to your dishes.
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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 29oz (2 pack)

$44.00  $48.00

LĒVO C Glass Basin spare part for infusing
LĒVO C herbal infuser

LĒVO C Glass Basin


LEVO Porcelain Baking Dish with multicolor swirl decal and logo
Porcelain Baking Dish by LEVO, perfect for baking one box of LEVO organic brownie mix.

Porcelain Baking Dish


LEVO heat sealer kit, because sharing is caring! Use the sharing is caring kit to share #levomade edibles with your friends.
LEVO heat sealer for plastic bags to keep your homemade DIY edibles fresh!
Clear Swirl
Metallic Blue/ Yellow

Sharing is Caring Kit


LEVO MCT Oil is a premium, flavorless liquid coconut oil. At 32 fl oz, it will fill 2 LEVO II reservoirs to capacity, 4 cups total. Great for infusing! Easily incorporate the benefits of MCT oil into your favorite recipes with LĒVO 32 fl oz Premium MCT Liquid Coconut Oil.
LEVO MCT Oil is vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, chemical-free, kosher, halal, BPA-free, and non-hydrogenated. Enhance your coffee, smoothies, and dressings with the tasteless and odorless LĒVO Premium MCT Infusion Oil.

Premium MCT Liquid Coconut Oil | 32oz


Heat-resistant LĒVO Coconut + Avocado Oil Blend: Unlock new flavors in your kitchen.
Coconut Avocado Oil Blend from LEVO is great for infusing because of the high smoke point. Elevate your culinary adventures with LĒVO Coconut MCT + Avocado Blend Infusion Oil.
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Coconut + Avocado Oil Blend | 32oz


LEVO C Jumbo Pod spare part for infusing
LEVO C herbal oil infuser with LEVO C Jumbo Pod spare part

LĒVO C Jumbo Pod


Sweet Stash Infusion Vault
Sweet Stash Infusion Vault - Opened

Infusion Vault


2 LĒVO Herb Block Trays with lid in Grey and Tie Dye
local_offer Save $2.20
Grey/ Tie Dye
Red/ Red
Grey/ Grey
Tie Dye/ Tie Dye

Herb Block Tray (2 pack)

$28.60  $30.80

LEVO oil or butter fine mist sprayer, reusable and eco-friendly! LEVO - Fine Oil Mister Infusion Sprayer - Oil Sprayer for Cooking, Baking and Salad Making - Oil Spritzer for your LEVO Oil and Butter Herbal Infusions - 6 fl oz
Spray your popcorn with infused butter using LEVO's fine spray mister. Reusable and easy to clean.

Infusion Sprayer


LEVO Lux reservoir basin spare part with ceramic coating

LĒVO Lux Reservoir Basin


LEVO Gummy Worm Mold set of two
LEVO Gummy Worm Mold filled with LEVO Gummy Mix

Gummy Worm Silicone Molds


LEVO Lecithin works when making chocolates or baked goods because it binds the infused oil to your water-based ingredients.
LEVO liquid sunflower lecithin nutrition facts
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Liquid Sunflower Lecithin 2oz (2 pack)

$26.00  $28.00

Sour gummy powder to dust on your LEVO infused gummies. The sour gummy powder trio comes with 3 flavors of candy finishing sugar. Great for frosted desserts like cupcakes and cake pops, too. Sour Gummy Sugar Trio - Unflavored, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry varieties for irresistible tangy treats.
LEVO Sour gummy sugar trio in watermelon, plain, and blue raspberry with coated gummy edible candy. Elevate your sweets with the Sour Gummy Sugar Trio featuring Unflavored, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry flavors.
local_offer Save $2.00

Sour Gummy Sugar Trio

$25.00  $27.00

Gummy Mix - Strawberry Lemonade (Sugar Free)


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