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Gummy Edibles Making Kit with LĒVO II

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$390.00 $510.00
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Licorice Black
Pacific Blue
Garden Green
Honey Cream
Paprika Red
Limited Edition: Transparent Green
Limited Edition: Soft Lavender

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Gummy Mixer
local_offer Save $1.00

Gummy Candy Mixer

$79.00 $80.00

Power Pod

Double the potency of your infusions by adding a 2nd power pod in your LĒVO II!

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LĒVO Power Pod

$20.00 $21.00

Gummy Mixes

Turn infusing into a 2 step process: infuse your oil or butter with the LĒVO and then add that to a convenient mix!

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Gummy Edibles Making Kit

$99.00 $110.00

local_offer Save $10.00

Gummy Edibles Making Kit with Gummy Candy Mixer

$180.00 $190.00

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Gummy Mix - Limited Edition Blue Raspberry

$19.00 $20.00

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Gummy Mix - Limited Edition Juicy Pear

$19.00 $20.00

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Gummy Mix - Strawberry Lemonade

$19.00 $20.00

local_offer Save $1.00

Gummy Mix - Tart Cherry

$19.00 $20.00

local_offer Save $1.00

Gummy Mix - Raspberry Sherbert

$19.00 $20.00

local_offer Save $1.00

Gummy Mix - Grape Soda

$19.00 $20.00

Gummy Molds & Trays

Our molds make professional-quality gummies and keep them fresh. A staple for most of our customers.

local_offer Save $1.00

Gummy Candy Mixer

$79.00 $80.00

Chef's Kiss Gift Set


local_offer Save $6.00

LĒVO Basics Accessory Bundle

$69.00 $75.00

local_offer Save $6.00

TerpLoc® Storage Bags

$9.00 $15.00

Infusion Vault


Sharing is Caring Kit


local_offer Save $3.00

Heat Seal Wrapper Refill

$15.00 $18.00

local_offer Save $16.80

Porcelain Baking Dish

$25.20 $42.00

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Infusion Sprayer

$15.00 $29.00

Successorize your LĒVO! Our oil sprayer brings infusion to grilling, salads, and more! The baking pan is gorgeous. The heat sealer keeps it fresh. Most infüsiasts deck out their LEVOs.


Start your infüsion journey off right with our favorite recipes! Snacks, drinks, meals, deserts – these cookbooks have it all!

Cookbook: Inspired Infusions (Digital Download)


Cookbook: KETO meets LĒVO (Digital Download)


Infusion Fundamentals e-Book


LĒVO 2023 Holiday Guide: Infused DIY Gifts & Recipes



Edible glitter will make your infusions and gummies shine, and our large oils will fill two LĒVO II reservoirs.

local_offer Save $3.00

Gummy Decorating Kit

$52.00 $55.00

local_offer Save $2.00

Gummy Glitter + Infusion Shimmer Kit

$26.00 $28.00

local_offer Save $2.00

Sour Gummy Sugar Trio

$25.00 $27.00

local_offer Save $5.00

Premium MCT Liquid Coconut Oil | 32oz

$29.00 $34.00

local_offer Save $13.00

Premium MCT Liquid Coconut Oil 32oz (2 pack)

$55.00 $68.00

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil | 29oz


local_offer Save $4.00

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 29oz (2 pack)

$44.00 $48.00

Coconut + Avocado Oil Blend | 32oz


Spare Parts

Many infüsiasts love having a second pod or basin around, so that one can be in the dishwasher while you make your next batch! We’re all human and sometimes misplace parts, too.

local_offer Save $3.00

LĒVO II Spare Parts Kit

$53.00 $56.00

local_offer Save $3.00

LĒVO Lux Spare Parts Kit

$64.00 $67.00

Protect your LĒVO II Machine

Add accident protection with LĒVO Warranties. View plan details

Go from gummy-making novice to a seasoned pro with the Gummy Edibles Making Kit! Just add your infused MCT oil made with LĒVO II to our all-naturally flavored gummy mix – then drop into our perfectly sized silicone candy molds for up to 64 3mL gummies total per mix.

Try a mystery sampling of three delicious gummy mix flavors and find your favorite one!

  • Includes LĒVO II in the color of your choice
  • Get surprised with 3 flavors of LĒVO gummy mix (Flavors come in: Cherry, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Frosted Marshmallow, Grape Soda, and Orange Creamsicle)
  • Comes with a set of 2 silicone gummy molds with plastic snap on lids that are dry-erase safe.
  • Plus MCT oil (to infuse up to 2 full batches of oil in LĒVO II is included with this kit that makes hundreds of gummies!

    Kit Includes:
    • LĒVO II
    • Gummy & Candy Silicone Molds with droppers (set of 2)
    • 4 bags of LĒVO Gummy Candy Mix (Cherry, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade)
    • 32 fl. oz. bottle of MCT Oil

    • LĒVO II:
      • Commercial grade time and temperature controls
      • Non-stick ceramic coated basin with 16oz capacity.
      • All dishwasher safe parts
      • DRY, ACTIVATE (DECARBOXYLATE), and INFUSE cycles all-in-one and fully customizable
      • Use the LĒVO app for recipes, calculators and more!
    Comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty.
    Unit measures: 7" L x 8" W x 13" H

    Popular Add-Ons

    The LĒVO Gummy Candy Mixer: Effortless gummy-making at home.
    Make your own infused edible gummy candies at home with the LEVO Gummy Candy Mixer Machine. Create perfect gummy candies with The LĒVO Gummy Candy Mixer.

    Gummy Candy Mixer

    $79.00 $80.00

    Sour gummy powder to dust on your LEVO infused gummies. The sour gummy powder trio comes with 3 flavors of candy finishing sugar. Great for frosted desserts like cupcakes and cake pops, too. Sour Gummy Sugar Trio - Unflavored, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry varieties for irresistible tangy treats.
    LEVO Sour gummy sugar trio in watermelon, plain, and blue raspberry with coated gummy edible candy. Elevate your sweets with the Sour Gummy Sugar Trio featuring Unflavored, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry flavors.

    Sour Gummy Sugar Trio

    $25.00 $27.00

    Gummy Edibles Making Kit with LĒVO II

    In the box

    • LĒVO II
    • Tropical Peach Gummy Mix (6.3oz)
    • Raspberry Sherbert Gummy Mix (6.3oz)
    • Strawberry Lemonade Gummy Mix (6.3oz)
    • Tart Cherry Gummy Mix (6.3oz)
    • MCT Oil (32oz)
    • 2x Silicone Gummy Molds w/ Lids
    • 2x Droppers
    In the box

    Ready to infuse

    LĒVO II comes with everything you need to start infusing! All of these parts are removable and dishwasher safe.

    Ceramic-Coated Reservoir

    Dispense every drop.

    Power Pod with Pod Protector

    Grab a second one for double the strength.

    Silicone Stirrer

    Minimize aeration and increase shelf life.

    Featured in

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    How to use your LĒVO II

    Add Herbs

    Add your herb or botanicals in the pod, place in machine, and set machine to Dry or Activate herbs.

    Add Liquid

    When complete, add liquid to reservoir, submerging herbs in the pod completely. Select Infusion to start.


    When infusion is complete, press the Dispense button and enjoy! Easily cleanup by placing removable parts in the dishwasher.

    Not just smart — automatic

    Set it and forget it; LĒVO II allows you to use its default modes or fully customize the time, temperature, and cycles you want to use for a particular creation.  When you’re done, all components are easily removed and top-rack dishwasher safe!

    Patented Infusion Process

    LĒVO II uses patented technology to infuse all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff (like grassy-tasting chlorophyll), without aerating your infusion to optimize shelf life. You'll get top shelf quality and extended shelf life with your own ingredients.

    Infusion perfected - Dry, Activate & Infuse

    Dry & Activate (decarboxylation) modes allow you to increase potency and extend shelf life with commercial-grade time and temperature controls. LĒVO II is the only appliance that lets you infuse any herb into just about anything (think oil, butter, honey, vegetable glycerin, and more!) at the touch of a button. 

    Not just smart — automatic

    LĒVO Lux uses patented technology to infuse all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff (like grassy-tasting chlorophyll), without aerating your infusion to optimize shelf life. You'll get top shelf quality and extended shelf life with your own ingredients.

    You'll love it, guaranteed.

    Get a LĒVO that’s perfect for you and test-drive it fully, for 30 days, and then decide whether you want to keep it or not.

    If you don’t absolutely love it, just send it back to us, and we’ll buy it back. No questions asked, hassle free.

    We want you to be happy with LĒVO.

    Find the LEVO that's perfect for you.


    LĒVO C

    LĒVO Lux

    Licorice black
    Pacific blue
    Garden green
    Paprika red
    Honey cream
    Limited edition transparent green
    Limited edition pink shimmer
    Sky blue
    Guava pink
    Butter yellow
    Olive green
    Licorice black
    Limited edition red shimmer
    Stainless steel
    Black steel
    French copper
    Personal Batch / Everyday Use
    Large Batch / Small Business
    Personal Batch / Culinary Use
    Herb Capacity
    1/3 cup 1/4 oz / 7 g
    1 3/4 cup / 1oz / 28 g
    1/3 cup 1/4 oz / 7 g
    Liquid. Capacity
    2 cups / 16 fl oz
    4 1/4 cups / 34 fl oz
    2 cups / 16 fl oz
    Dry Cycle
    Activate Cycle
    Infuse Cycle
    Dishwasher Safe Parts
    Machine Finish
    Matte & Glossy
    Screen Type
    Push Button
    Touch Screen
    Touch Screen
    Dispense Mode
    Push Button
    Pour Out
    3 Sizes
    6.9"L x 7.9"W.x 13"H
    8"L x 8.5"W 12"H
    6.5"L x 7.9"W.x 13"H

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    • Flexible replacements with premium support
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