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LĒVO 2023 Holiday Guide: Infused DIY Gifts & Recipes


LĒVO 2024 Basic Infusions Ebook

Infusion Fundamentals e-Book


LĒVO x TerpLoc® Storage Bag GWP


LEVO drawstring bag tied shut
LEVO drawstring bag open

LEVO Drawstring Bag - GWP


LEVO Gummy Candy Dropper Tool, to conveniently transfer edible mix into molds and containers. Gummy Candy Making Droppers - Effortlessly transfer your gummy candy mixture into silicone molds with these precise and convenient droppers.
Set of Two Droppers - This pack includes two droppers, providing you with a reliable tool for accurately filling your candy molds.

Droppers for Gummy Candy Making (2 pack)


Detail of the LEVO II Pod Protector, which keeps your herbs safe from burning.
Need another protective insert for the LEVO II Double Herb Pod and Power Pod accessory? This replacement fits perfectly at the bottom of the herb pod to protect your botanicals against excess heat during Dry/Activate cycles.

LĒVO Power Pod Protector


The LEVO II Drain Tube spare part screws ON/OFF of the LEVO II Reservoir for a secure fit and easy cleaning. It is made of food-grade silicone & BPA free, and dishwasher safe
The LEVO II drain tube screws onto the ceramic reservoir.

LĒVO II Drain Tube


Watermelon Sour Gummy Sugar adds flavor and texture to your homemade gummies! Watermelon Sour Gummy Sugar - A burst of refreshing watermelon flavor with a sour punch.
Infuse your gummies and then dust them with Watermelon sour powder finishing sugar. Sprinkle Watermelon Sour Gummy Sugar for a tangy and fruity explosion on your favorite confections.

Sour Gummy Sugar - Watermelon


Keep your homemade gummies from sticking together with LEVO Sour Gummy Sugar! Unflavored Sour Gummy Sugar - Tangy powdered goodness to elevate any sweet treat.
Infuse your gummies and then dust them with unflavored sour powder finishing sugar. Add a zing of sourness with Unflavored Sour Gummy Sugar for a delightful twist to your desserts.

Sour Gummy Sugar - Unflavored


Keep homemade gummies from sticking together and add flavor with LEVO Blue Raspberry Sour Gummy Sugar. Blue Raspberry Sour Gummy Sugar - A vibrant blue raspberry flavor with a tangy kick.
Infuse your gummies and then dust them with Blue Raspberry sour powder finishing sugar. Experience the irresistible taste of Blue Raspberry Sour Gummy Sugar, perfect for adding a pop of sourness to your treats.

Sour Gummy Sugar - Blue Raspberry


TerpLoc® Storage Bags


Potency Pod accessory for the LEVO II and LEVO Lux, just the pod protector
Potency Pod accessory for the LEVO II and LEVO Lux with pod protector separate

LĒVO Potency Pod Protector


LEVO Lux silicone drain tube nozzle, spare part for the LEVO Lux machine.

LĒVO Lux Drain Tube


LĒVO Care - Gummy Candy Mixer


LEVO silicone stirrer spare part for the LEVO oil infuser machine

LĒVO Stirrer


Gummy Candy Mixer Stirrer - Advanced stirring attachment for the LĒVO Gummy Mixer, providing dual mixing power for effortless gummy making.
Dual Spring Stirrer Attachment - This spare part for the LĒVO Gummy Mixer ensures thorough mixing without the need for manual stirring.

Gummy Candy Mixer Stirrer


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