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Rosemary & Mint Shaving Cream

In celebration of our dearest dads, we compiled three #LEVOmade recipes this father’s day to help him look his very best on this special day. First up, dads with beards. Whether you like dad clean ...

BeautyImage of woman holding homemade vegan lip balm, made by LEVO.

How To Make Vegan Lip Balm

Give your lips a break with our homemade vegan lip balm recipe.

ChocolateImage of LEVO's chocolate mint fat bomb recipe.

Chocolate Mint Fat Bomb Recipe

Looking for a quick sweet bite? Make your own chocolate mint fat bomb.

Italian sodaImage of a mint Italian soda made by LEVO.

Creamy Strawberry Mint Italian Soda

There’s nothing like popping open an ice-cold refreshing drink in the middle of a hot, summer day. Learn how to make your own float-like mint Italian soda.

chocolateLimes used to make the key lime fat bomb recipe by LEVO.

Key Lime Fat Bomb Recipe

Make your own key lime fat bomb for some heart-healthy sweets.

grapeseed oilHow to make essential oil rollerballs with LEVO.

How To Make Essential Oil Rollerballs

Essential oil rollerballs make the best gifts—for your family, friends, and self (self care, anyone?). Learn how to make your own with LĒVO!

AftershaveImage of a LEVO made DIY aftershave balm in a reusable container on a wooden table.

Soothing DIY Aftershave Balm

If you're experiencing irritation post-shave, try this DIY aftershave balm as an upgrade. 

BeautyImage of the tools needed to use your #LEVOmade homemade rosemary mint shaving cream.

Homemade Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Whether you like to be clean shaven or not, there’s nothing like a minty fresh scent.