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How to infuse milk

Many conventional infused milk recipes have you infuse milk with flower and strain it with whatever materials you have on hand. You can strain this mixture with cheesecloth, but you’re likely to wind up with a mix containing some grit or leftover fats (and that’s if you have cheesecloth on hand). This can result in a milk that’s got a distinctly herbal, earthy taste which can be hard to mask in edibles. Looking for the tastiest, most potent infused result? Use the LĒVO to infuse milk directly! LĒVO will do everything from Activating to Infusing and even filtration for you. All you need to do is press a button and voila: you have a final product that’s clean, tasty, and easy to store. This recipe is made using plant milk to keep this vegan and dairy-free, but feel free to use whatever milk you prefer.

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