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LĒVO 101: Why Infuse?

Some of the world’s earliest civilizations used infused oils for medical practice & food preparation. Because infused oils extract components of the whole plant, they provide superior nutritional, therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Today, it’s the secret sauce of restaurant chefs, holistic healers, DIY edible lovers, and you!

With over five years of development and engineering, LĒVO went through numerous iterations to realize the design you see today. With dishwasher safe components, there’s no more messy straining or clean up. No more emulsifiers, solvents or additives required to infuse, either.

To infuse oil or butter, controlled heat and time are used to transfer the flavor, scent, color, and nutrients from a variety of ingredients into the carrier of your choice. There are no pre-set temperature and time settings, allowing you complete creative control over your recipe. And to top it off, our gentle infusion method doesn’t aerate your ingredients, increasing the shelf life of your infusions.

Here at LĒVO, we’re passionate about empowering people–allowing you full autonomy & control over your ingredients, process & consumption. With more control and less mess, we believe in quality products, simple design, and consuming wholesome ingredients. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise quality in pursuit of infusions.

As a starting point for your creations, check out our handy Time & Temp calculator. To get a better idea of similar herbs in each category, try some of the alternative ingredients in the same family and infuse at the same time & temperature. Let your imagination run wild and get creative with your own unique blends. It’s time to swap out your traditional oil marinade for something more fun and flavorful!

Welcome to the Infusion Revolution!

Please Note: The time it takes LĒVO to Warm Up to your set temperature can vary significantly, depending on factors like altitude, your cycle settings, and the type of ingredients you are using. Unlike a kitchen oven’s larger exposed heating coils, the LĒVO uses an insulated laboratory heat-plate that heats from beneath the reservoir, so please allow a range of approximately 15-30 minutes to reach your set cycle temperature