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The Beginner’s Guide To Making Your Own Edibles

Edibles (or Ingestibles as we sometimes call them) are an increasingly popular way to consume flower. From soda pop to cookies and gummies, more options become available each day. However, buying pre-packaged ingestibles can add up quickly, which is one of the top reasons we created LĒVO.

It’s easy to make your own ingestibles with LĒVO, and the cost savings are so worth it. Plus, making ingestibles at home allows you to customize and experiment with new ways of ingesting flower.

Here’s everything you need to know to start making your own ingestibles with LĒVO.

Ingestibles 101

Whether you’re new to flower or a longtime user, ingestibles are an attractive option. High-quality ingestibles can be delicious; they’re more potent than smoking or vaping. Most importantly, you won’t risk damaging your lungs when you ingest flower.

Ingestibles usually start with a psychoactive compound-infused oil. (Flower contains lots of naturally occurring chemicals called cannabinoids, but the psychoactive compound is the one that makes you feel high.)

This psychoactive compound likes fat, and is fat-soluble, meaning that it easily dissolves into fats thanks to its chemical structure.

Ingestibles are also a more efficient way to consume flower. They’re more potent than smoking or vaping, and though they take longer to take effect, the effects last longer.

The cost of buying pre-made ingestibles can vary depending on where you live, but making your own is guaranteed to save you money. For example, where we’re based in Colorado, we found that the ingestible psychoactive compound costs an average of 40 cents per milligram when you buy it at a dispensary, versus just 3 cents per milligram when you make ingestibles yourself!

Tips For Beginners

If making your own ingestibles feels a little intimidating, we recommend starting with oils that you already have at home, like butter, coconut oil, or olive oil– whatever’s in your kitchen!

Check out our online calculator for time and temperature settings for infusing various oils with flower.

LĒVO can infuse up to 7 grams of flower into 2 cups of oil. And how you use your flower infusion is totally up to you. You can consume it as-is. For example, people spread flower-infused butter on toast or drizzle flower-infused olive oil on salads and hummus.

OR, you can take your infusion one step further and use it to make things like homemade gummy bears or delicious baked goods. Incorporate it into your favorite recipes, or try one of ours!

The other thing to keep in mind when you’re getting started with DIY ingestibles is that it’s good to start slow. This goes for the amount of flower you infuse, as well as consuming your ingestibles once they’re done.

Start with small amounts of flower, see how it goes, and keep track of your ratios. We have some more notes about dosage and potency below.

Making Ingestibles With LĒVO

If you’ve ever attempted to make ingestibles at home with a basic kitchen setup, you know that it’s not as easy as it seems.

LĒVO simplifies the process. Our patented technology uses controlled heat to transfer the flavor, scent, color, nutrients, and therapeutic properties from whole plants, like flower, into liquids, like oil or butter. And LĒVO II, our newest model, has a special cycle for activating your flower before infusing.

Here are the basic steps for creating a flower infusion with LĒVO:

  1. Choose Your Strain: There are plenty of strains to choose from when buying flower, and their effects depend on the mix of cannabinoids plus your specific biochemistry. Some make you feel more energetic and euphoric, while others give a more relaxing effect and can even make you tired. Do a little research and ask lots of questions at the dispensary to select a strain that fits what you’re looking for.
  2. Choose Your Oil: You can infuse any liquid with LĒVO, but we recommend you stick with oils for ingestibles. Like we said above, the psychoactive compound loves fat! If you’re new to ingestibles, go with something you already have. Butter, olive oil, and coconut oil are just a few favorites that can be used in the kitchen.
  3. ACTIVATE: If you want to feel the psychoactive effects of your flower, use LĒVO's “ACTIVATE” cycle before infusing. It’s simple: LĒVO comes with a small metal Herb Pod that can hold up to 7 grams of flower. Add as much flower as you like without packing it too tightly, place the Herb Pod inside LĒVO's reservoir (don’t add any liquid yet), close LĒVO's lid and press “ACTIVATE.”

(If you want to ingest flower but aren’t interested in feeling high, feel free to skip this step and go straight to infusing)

  1. INFUSE: This is the final step! If you used LĒVO's “ACTIVATE” cycle, leave the Herb Pod inside the reservoir and add up to 2 cups of oil. Close LĒVO's lid and choose “INFUSE.” This cycle uses low and slow heat plus gentle stirring to fully infuse the flower into oil.
  2. Use Your Infusion: Okay, so now that you have your flower infusion, the possibilities are endless! Use it as-is or incorporate it into any recipe. For ideas, check out our extensive recipe collection.

Some Notes About Potency

Like we said earlier, ingestibles are more potent than smoking or vaping flower. While that’s great, it also means that you should practice caution and start slow.

Your ingestibles’ potency depends on many factors, including the quantities of flower and oil that you use.

LĒVO can hold up to 7 grams of flower and 2 cups (or 16oz) of oil. Another factor is time. LĒVO can infuse for up to 10 hours, and the longer you infuse, the stronger the infusion.

We recommend beginners start by using small amounts of flower to gauge the potency of your ingestibles. There’s no magic ratio of flower to oil, but we don’t recommend using the maximum flower to start. It’s also a good idea to slice your ingestibles into small serving sizes to test their potency.

If you’re interested in getting into the nitty-gritty of calculating the potency of your homemade creations, check out this dosage calculator from our friends at WAKE + BAKE.

No matter your preferences, LĒVO allows you to customize your ingestibles, so they fit your needs.

Do you have more questions about making your own ingestibles? If so, our Facebook group, LĒVO Love Club, is a great place to get more knowledge. Check it out!